Inbound marketing isn't rocket science, but it is a science

The Relequint Inbound Marketing Approach

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Marketing Spend Shift

The reason so many businesses are shifting digital marketing spend to inbound marketing today is that it achieves trackable results within a framework that is easy to understand. Starting with your buyer persona we begin to get into the mind of your customer. This means we concern ourselves not only with what demo they fit or title they hold, but with their pains, weaknesses, triumphs and simple wins. We need to learn what makes them tick so that we can learn what turns them on and off.


The Buyer’s Journey


Once we are creating content for them within the buyer's journey we begin to see their methods of research and depth of understanding. It may be easier to think of this journey as the sales funnel. At the top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) we provide them with very low risk offers to get the information we are looking for. We may provide a call-to-action for a whitepaper download requesting only their name and email address.

As they research and give a name to their problem they begin to enter into the middle-of-the-funnel (MOFU). This is the stage where they are considering the various ways of solving their problem. The research at this phase is used to further qualify them as a prospect and tell us whether they are tracking with our buyer persona.

Once they reach the bottom-of-the-funnel they have usual learned a great deal about their problem and they are ready to choose the best fit for solving their problem. The calls-to-action here are tailored to this thinking as we further qualify their needs aligned with our offerings. They are typically ready to talk to someone, see a demo, take a tour and ask some questions specific to their version of the problem.


The Customers You Want

Relequint focuses on creating content for the customers you want through research, blog marketing and social media, increasing the number of sales qualified lead conversions to grow your business and online engagement, confirming what works and what doesn’t in your social communities using analytics to identify successful lead conversion and then changing and adapting the process into a consistent return on investment by implementing them as new inbound workflows and formulas. Relequint recognizes the importance of maintaining brand integrity throughout the content marketing process.