B2B Technology Marketing

Relequint focuses on B2B technology marketers from SaaS to skilled field techs.



B2B Technology Marketing

Relequint focuses on B2B technology marketers from SaaS to skilled field techs.

Conversion Rate Optimization While Building B2B Tech Brands & Pipelines

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Our top technology clients spend time, money and resources on research and development to perfect their B2B product or service. They also understand the need to invest the same amount in marketing to their buyer personas. So many tech companies lack brand search relevance. Relequint partners with B2B tech companies to determine their unique brand position and growth strategy with desired customers. Once this is defined, we architect an integrated inbound marketing strategy to generate highly qualified sales leads.



INDUSTRY: TECHNOLOGYDigital Marketing Strategy

Conversion Rate Optimization While Building B2B Tech Brands & Pipelines


INDUSTRY: TECHNOLOGYDigital Marketing Strategy

Conversion Rate Optimization While Building B2B Tech Brands & Pipelines

Focusing on Objectives First and Following Up with Thoughtful Strategy

At Relequint, before getting deep into execution, we have collaborative sessions detailing a tech company’s big-picture marketing objectives. Is the goal going to be thought leadership? Growing sales? Are we dedicated to B2B marketing or B2B & B2C? Based on the discovered business objective, Relequint defines a marketing plan that promotes the technology’s competitive advantages to develop a dialogue in the marketplace.

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Understanding Behaviors Across Sources

Whether selling B2B technology services, products or software, you have to be able to establish a brand for the tech that resonates with your buyer persona. Above, you can see progress being made for a newly established global IT field services company.

Our Tech Clients are Facing Tremendous Noise in the Industry

The tech industry is crowded with competition. Often, clients must explain that they are B2B and not B2C because so many tech company brand stories overlap. Getting your story out there to the right audience and establishing your prominence within your B2B community can be difficult. We’ve developed systems and processes that help, but it generally comes down to daily discipline.

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Engagement Value

We develop marketing automation that leverages persona engagement through workflows designed to establish thought leadership and convert prospects into opportunities. Telling the story of a technology’s key value proposition through content requires sharing multiple perspectives to convey the value important to a particular buyer persona. Understanding the prospect’s journey and anticipating their needs speeds the process.

B2B Blogging as an Asset

A key difference between B2B content and advertising is the understanding that your content continues to be a source of qualified leads long after it goes live. That next big account may come in through a blog post from two years ago.

You need to convince leadership that the short-term and long-term benefits of working on blogging will make the challenges worth it. Make sure you provide plenty of metrics and research, along with feedback from your team members.

B2B blogging without measuring results and acting is a complete waste of time. We recognize that the number of metrics can seem overwhelming. The most important metrics you need to track:

  • Measure Visitors

  • Measure Leads

  • Measure Subscribers

  • Track Inbound Links

  • Watch Social Media Shares

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“Kinettix’s growth over the past two years has been steady because our prospects and clients feel a confidence from our brand. Ran Mullins, CEO of Relequint, did an excellent job of leading us through their Brand Mantra Workshop to help us develop a brand that best positions our global capabilities and platform not only for a global dispatch lead, but also for C-suite leaders seeking to fulfill on their global strategy. Kinettix is a stronger company with the brand development and website Relequint developed for us, We’ve seen the marketing drive significant growth due to new clients discovering our capabilities through their content marketing. The sales qualified leads and customers from our blogging and website have helped us close many deals that are in line with our company's growth strategy. We're now true believers in the power of inbound marketing and targeted advertising to grow our business.”

Chad Mattix
Founder & CEO
Kinettix, Inc.

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In their first twelve months with Relequint, Kinettix was able to develop a steady flow of qualified traffic:

  • Developed complete brand platform

  • Increased leads by 100%

  • Developed qualified website traffic and contacts

  • Increased company revenue by 20% in first 12 months

  • Developed brand awareness among target buyer personas on LinkedIn

  • Developed new blog presence and engagement

  • Developed new social media presence and engagement

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Kinettix manages IT projects for large, multi-site retailers, and creates business process solutions for companies with an operational challenge or need to innovate a new process. Kinettix places a special focus on project management. The project management team has many years of experience successfully completing large scale, retail IT projects on time and with the highest quality. The Kinettix processes and tools are built around ITIL standards. The model leverages a fully integrated platform to allow transparency in communication, a strong governance model and a constant feedback loop to ensure adjustments are immediate.


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Kinettix works with the full spectrum of projects: new store openings, remodels, kiosks, digital signage, IP cameras, router replacements, POS, payment device and any of the evolving technologies that retailers can deploy across an entire store footprint. Kinettix’s capabilities include retail technology consulting, onsite deployments, project management, IT service management implementation, onsite break/fix maintenance and 24/7 support services.

Kinettix was seeking to attract C-level and global dispatch audiences with high conversion rates. They realized they needed to start thinking in a more integrated and strategic way about how to reach their target buyer personas. The client wasn’t immediately confident that inbound marketing could generate the sales-qualified leads they were looking for, but they decided to invest in their website primarily as sales tool or lead generator, rather than as a a static brochure.

Challenges identified

  • Required a complete brand platform including: name, tagline, logo, website, marketing plan

  • Website required SEO and extensive content development

  • Needed to develop conversion points and CTAs (Calls-to-Action)

  • Needed to better leverage marketing to drive the sales and new business development process

  • Sales teams required better tools and strategies to identify sales qualified leads

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  • Develop a brand platform that exemplifies thought leadership in global of field tech identification and management

  • Identify realistic goals and objectives tied to traffic conversion ratio

  • Ability to close sales and ultimately revenue targets through automated deal tracking in HubSpot

  • Create inbound marketing content tools to drive sales qualified leads into sales funnel

  • Setup marketing automation utilizing quality content that drives higher conversion rates

  • Track and report on ROI from lead generation efforts

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  • Developed complete Kinettix brand platform including:

    • Detailed Buyer Personas

    • Brand Mantra Narrative

    • Brand Manual

    • Naming

    • Tagline

    • Corporate Identity Design

    • Collateral Design

    • Brand Identity Guidelines

  • Website Design and Development

  • Quarterly Marketing Automation Campaigns

  • Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing

  • Automated Workflows

  • Structured Sales Funnel

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