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Relequint helps B2B companies unlock growth through full-funnel rapid experimentation and data-driven marketing. We are a full-service digital marketing agency focused on delivering sales qualified leads.



Marketing Automation

HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo. Whatever software you use, marketing automation is key to efficiently nurturing prospects into leads.

Inbound Marketing Content

Engaging content not only establishes your company as an industry leader but also helps you identify and respond to prospects’ pain points.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Site traffic is great, but a low conversion rate means you’re leaving money on the table. Sales are driven by user action — not just views.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

AI-powered search engines are becoming more sophisticated every day. To effectively increase organic traffic, you have to be ready to adapt.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

A strong PPC plan complements your SEO strategy, so you can direct more high-quality traffic to your content and increase conversions.

Social Ads

Advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook allows you to hyper-target consumers, attracting the attention of the companies you want to sell to.


Justify your spend and reach your marketing and sales KPIs. Having all the data isn’t the objective. The objective is leveraging data for actionable insights. Multi-touch attribution means identifying a set of user actions that contribute to a conversion, and then assigning a value to each of these events.




How is your marketing budget impacting sales?

Marketing automation serves many roles including awareness, education, pre-selling, and sales enablement. Can you track how much your marketing is contributing to sales? How focused and segmented are your marketing efforts? If you’re leading marketing, can you defend spend to sales? If you’re leading sales, are you being honest with yourself about the contributions inbound marketing is making?




Is your marketing spend built to produce measurable results?

Today’s marketing automation tools are capable of providing very clear customer pathways and can produce look-alike patterns of behaviors. Take a step back and review how your annual marketing plan is architected. Is it structured to attribute spend to sales? Are there direct correlations between all efforts and their ultimate outcomes?





Customer Journey
It all started with search…

Paulette required I.T. field services at 2,700 sites around the world. Her global telecom company was at capacity and they needed to figure out how to get specialized techs on site at 800 of the obscure global locations. She and her colleagues started with Google…

  1. First Paulette saw the Kinettix sponsored Google ad.

  2. Then, they noticed that Kinettix was in many of their searches.

  3. A colleague that clicked on the Google ad reviewed the Kinettix website and shot it over to Paulette.

  4. Paulette skimmed a couple of the blog posts on the locations she was targeting then downloaded the Telecom IT whitepaper.

  5. Then, she asked Kinettix a couple of questions in Live Chat before she called the 800# and was routed to the Kinettix Solution Desk.

KPIs for Global IT: 

How to Measure B2B Marketing Success

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Now on-demand, an hour long discussion between a Founder & CEO of Relequint, Ran Mullins & Founder & CEO of Kinettix as they discuss real-world examples of B2B marketing success. 


“Our entire team acknowledges that our year-over-year growth and market position is accelerated with Relequint’s efforts. They act not only as trusted advisors, but as valued partners and members of our team. I am glad they are part of our journey. If you want help in having clients find you and to be relevant, I recommend the team at Relequint.”

—Chad Mattix, Founder & CEO, Kinettix, Inc.

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