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At Relequint, we harness a confluence of brand strategy, RevOps expertise, and seasoned marketing acumen to propel B2B enterprises to new heights. With a legacy of empowering over 200 companies to surpass their brand, marketing, and sales objectives, we invite you to discover how we can accelerate your GTM and growth trajectory.  


How Ready Are You?


Many B2B organizations perceive themselves to be more mature than they really are. So, how do you determine how mature your marketing really is? And how do you move to the next level of maturity?

  • Marketing Maturity Assessment


Sales maturity is a critical concept that encompasses the journey of organizations in developing their sales capabilities. Understanding the stages of sales maturity is essential for achieving sustainable growth and success.

  • Sales Maturity Assessment


In the B2B landscape, the interplay between RevOps and customer success is an increasingly crucial element. RevOps breaks down silos and fosters collaboration between your revenue teams.

  • Customer Success Maturity

Catalyzing Your Marketing Potential

From holistic brand strategy to tactical lead generation, our award-winning team delivers transformative marketing solutions. Whether augmenting your existing capabilities or acting as your dedicated marketing department, we tailor our approach to align with your specific requirements.


B2B Expertise Rooted in Experience 

Specializing in the tech, healthcare, professional services, and manufacturing sectors, our team brings decades of collective experience to the table. We integrate RevOps insights with B2B marketing prowess to deliver unparalleled results. Discover Our Sector Expertise




Personalized Consultation for Your Unique Needs 

Uncertain about the services that best suit your objectives? Schedule a complimentary session with our strategists. We’ll navigate the options together and craft a bespoke plan that aligns with your goals.






“Our entire team acknowledges that our year-over-year growth and market position is accelerated with Relequint’s efforts. They act not only as trusted advisors, but as valued partners and members of our team. I am glad they are part of our journey. If you want help in having clients find you and to be relevant, I recommend the team at Relequint.”

—Chad Mattix, Founder & CEO, Kinettix, Inc.


B2B Buyer Enablement
It all started with search…

Paulette required I.T. field services at 2,700 sites around the world. Her global telecom company was at capacity and they needed to figure out how to get specialized techs on site at 800 of the obscure global locations. She and her colleagues started with Google…

  1. First Paulette saw the Kinettix sponsored Google ad.

  2. Then, they noticed that Kinettix was in many of their searches.

  3. A colleague that clicked on the Google ad reviewed the Kinettix website and shot it over to Paulette.

  4. Paulette skimmed a couple of the blog posts on the locations she was targeting then downloaded the Telecom IT whitepaper.

  5. Then, she asked Kinettix a couple of questions in Live Chat before she called the 800# and was routed to the Kinettix Solution Desk.

The Preferred Choice for B2B Marketing Evolution 

B2B companies consistently choose Relequint for our in-depth market understanding,
result-oriented strategies, and expansive reach. Here’s why:

Market Mastery

With decades of B2B experience, we quickly grasp your business landscape and GTM needs.  We’ll “get it”.


Our focus is on delivering tangible B2B brand positioning and sales results, driven by data and informed decision-making.

Global Reach

Our Relequint team and media networks span the US and beyond, ensuring success across global markets.

Proven Success

Trusted by over 200 B2B clients, we bring a wealth of experience and a track record of positive growth.

Explore Our Services 

We work with clients in many industries, but we focus on technology, healthcare,
various SaaS platforms, high-end consulting services, and manufacturing.

Complex Projects

Brand your company

Launch a new product

Design a website

Tradeshow support

HubSpot setup

Venture Studio

Business Objectives

Brand awareness

Lead generation

Lead nurturing

Sales enablement

Inbound marketing

Growth Framework

Access Services

Strategy, research & planning

Writing & content creation

Creative design

Digital marketing

Public relations

Paid media & advertising

Need Help Optimizing HubSpot Hubs?

Getting your Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs organized and configured for GTM and RevOps is only the beginning. Let us help you understand what you may need to realize about the HubSpot platform. There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation.

Free 30-min consultation

Case Studies

B2B Technology Case Study

B2B Technology — I.T., Products, & SaaS

Building a brand, website, and digital strategy for global field techs — wherever, whenever.


B2B Healthcare Case Study

B2B Healthcare — SaaS, Products, & Services

Building a brand, website, and digital strategy for unique customer personas.


B2B Global Manufacturing Case Study

B2B Manufacturing — SaaS, Products, & Services

Building a pipeline, editorial calendar, and digital strategy for global packaging.


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