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Working With Relequint

Get an idea of what the agency relationship looks like.

A Guide to Working With Relequint

At Relequint, we are extremely focused on achieving your business growth objectives. We want our partnership to be mutually respectful, beneficial, and drive incredible ROI on your side. We follow a unique process known as the Growth Catalyst Framework to help you achieve repeatable and scalable processes that deliver large opportunities into your sales funnel.

Once you sign a contract with Relequint, your Marketer will contact you to schedule a kickoff meeting and jumpstart our workflow (pictured right). During this time, you’ll also receive a questionnaire that will help us set up your CMS, MOZ, and Adwords accounts as well as receive a Statement of Work detailing all of the services Relequint will provide within your contract.

As we begin to build your highly architected customer journeys and automated content workflows, we’ll be crafting and nurturing your outward brand voice that leverages the content to position your company as thought leaders in your space.

Download “Marketing Automation: Your Guide to Working With Relequint” to learn about:

  1. Relequint Overview

  2. Retainer Workflows

  3. Quarterly Campaigns

  4. Monthly Reviews

  5. Weekly Calls

  6. Daily Tasks

  7. Out-of-Scope Projects

  8. Retainer Billing



  • Are you a B2B marketer? Is your average contract size over $50,000?

  • Is your digital marketing budget $350K+?

  • Do you want help with strategy as well as execution?


Your Guide to Working With Relequint

Learn the services and relationship behind Relequint’s Growth Catalyst Framework and how we help you achieve your business objectives.

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