Sales Qualified Leads for B2B

Health Care, Manufacturing & Technology

As your Digital Agency of Record, Relequint provides brand strategy, digital strategy, and inbound marketing as required to meet your lead generation growth goals. We are not only your marketing partner, we consider ourselves an extension of your company in terms of our knowledge and understanding of your business. We understand brands, the customer experience and what will keep you relevant for your prospects.

As a professional services company selling to other businesses we understand what B2B marketing takes. We use inbound marketing at the center of your annual marketing plan and this allows us to utilize and leverage your other advertising and marketing investments. The goal is not to pit the approaches against one another, but to arrive at a unified vision for the brand that reaches your prospects through a multitude of vehicles.

Relequint has designed Inbound Marketing Retainer Packages that provide a maximize return on investment. In the end, we focus on achieving sales qualified leads. Marketing that doesn't provide solid and qualified leads is simply engagement and activity lacking real results.

B2B Marketing For Healthcare Companies


Our B2B healthcare clients’ products and services range from software that customizes patient communications to meal replacement pouches for bariatric surgery patients. As a B2B healthcare marketer, your campaigns likely have to reach targets in many segments: hospitals, health networks, patients, strategic partners, media, etc. It is critical that your marketing plan consists of messaging specific to your buyer persona. By partnering with Relequint, you’ll achieve increased brand visibility, traffic, leads, conversions and ROI.

B2B Marketing For Manufacturing Companies


Many manufacturing firms struggle with creating noticeable differentiation. Relequint works with established manufacturers to discover their distinct brand position and ideal B2B buyer personas. Once the brand and audience have been clearly defined, Relequint crafts an inbound marketing plan that focuses on growing traffic, leads, revenue and ROI. For our highest performing clients,  our marketing focuses on the product or service’s value proposition, benefits of their efficient processes and leveraging industry advancements.

B2B Marketing For Technology Companies


Our top technology clients spend time, money and resources on research and development to perfect their B2B product or service. They also understand the need to invest the same amount in marketing to their buyer personas. So many tech companies lack brand search relevance. Relequint partners with B2B tech companies to determine their unique brand position and growth strategy with desired customers. Once this is defined, we architect an integrated inbound marketing strategy to generate highly qualified sales leads.