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Other Industries

Relequint has experience in a variety of industries from global social networks to premier senior living communities.

Sales Qualified Leads for B2B

Other Industries

Relequint provides a comprehensive menu of services to help your B2B company meet its lead generation growth goals. We are not only your marketing partner, we consider ourselves an extension of your company in terms of our knowledge and understanding of your business. As a B2B company ourselves, we are familiar with the current landscape and know what it takes to keep your brand relevant.

You could say technology, healthcare, and manufacturing are our “bread and butter,” but we have experience in many B2B industries including:

  • Senior care and retirement services

  • Social networking services

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Real estate

  • Consumer research

  • Education

No matter your industry, we understand marketing automation and we’re here to help you meet your sales and marketing KPIs as well as achieve a return on investment.


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