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B2B Technology Case Study

B2B Technology — I.T., Products, & SaaS

Building a brand, website, and digital strategy for global field techs — wherever, whenever.


B2B Healthcare Case Study

B2B Healthcare — SaaS, Products, & Services

Building a brand, website, and digital strategy for unique customer personas.


B2B Global Manufacturing Case Study

B2B Manufacturing — SaaS, Products, & Services

Building a pipeline, editorial calendar, and digital strategy for global packaging.




B2B Technology Case Study

Founded in 2016 by an executive team of industry veterans, Kinettix needed help establishing a footprint commensurate with their staff’s vast industry experience. Likewise, they needed a marketing strategy that would not only help them launch and grow their new brand but also build market share in an already-saturated tech market.

Download our case study to learn:

  • How to create a robust content strategy encompassing blog posts, premium downloadable content, landing pages, web pages, emails, and social media posts.

  • How to leverage inbound marketing tools to automate the lead nurturing process and drive sales qualified leads into the sales funnel.

  • How Relequint was able to significantly increase qualified organic traffic, quality and leads with industry focused inbound content.


B2B Global Manufacturing Case Study

For years, Deufol relied on a traditional sales force and outbound techniques to generate sales. In addition to cold calls, they invested in print, direct mail, trade shows, and conferences, frequently traveling to follow up with leads.

Deufol wasn’t attracting the kinds of clients they wanted and had low conversion rates. It was time to start thinking in a more holistic, strategic way about how to reach their target buyer personas, so they approached Relequint for help.

Download our case study to learn:

  • How the marketing strategy identified objectives tied to traffic, conversions, the ability to close sales, and ultimately meet revenue targets.

  • How we aligned buyer personas across multiple content channels.

  • How, in their first five months with Relequint, Deufol generated more leads than they had in the past five years, combined.


B2B Healthcare SaaS Case Study 

Founded in 2017, PatientBond provided innovative psychographic patient communication insight significantly improving healthcare provider outcomes with patient retention, missed appoints and payments. PatientBond turned to Relequint to help them achieve their B2B marketing goals to introduce their products to new health networks, hospitals, medical practices, and urgent care centers.

Download our case study to learn:

  • Client Results by the numbers

  • Which inbound marketing tools were leveraged to accomplish business objectives and improve outcomes.

  • How Relequint delivered more opportunities into PatientBond's sales funnel using HubSpot sales enablement solutions and optimized lead workflows.


B2B Healthcare Case Study

When New York City experienced a rapid increase in positive coronavirus cases in early March 2020, New York Blood Center Enterprises (NYBCe) immediately recognized the need to stabilize their blood supply and pivot certain resources to fight against COVID-19. They also required philanthropic support to maintain these efforts on top of their daily life-saving operations.

Download our case study to learn:

  • How Marketing Automation funneled prospects to different internal channels based on interest and inquiry.

  • How Inbound Content brought awareness to the research and scientific work NYBCe was contributing to the global need and how those interested could support those efforts.

  • How Website Enhancements leveraged SEO and site placement to bring better integration and awareness to this new effort in combating the global pandemic.


Retirement Services Case Study

While there are plenty of retirement communities in the Tri-State, there aren’t many upscale options. To generate more sales qualified leads, ERS in Cincinnati, Ohio, sought to not only establish themselves as an authority on elder care but also use content to justify the price tag on their premier communities.

Download our case study to learn:

  • How keyword-targeted blog content generated a constant stream of organic traffic and marketing qualified leads.

  • How gated content collected prospect information for marketing automation and follow-up.

  • How personalized, lead nurturing emails and a highly-architected sales funnel turned prospects into sales qualified leads.