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Pull Quarterly Journal

In Pull, Relequint analyzes what drives B2B growth and reports the results of our innovative digital marketing campaigns.

Issues of Pull


Pull Q2: The Healthcare Issue

Our second issue of Pull, Relequint’s journal for driving B2B growth, is devoted to our healthcare clients: a cloud-based patient behavior change platform, a new meal replacement option for bariatric patients and a premier senior living organization. While these clients are very different, our approach to each was the same: to use a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy to drive traffic, conversions and sales.    

Download Pull: The Healthcare Issue to learn about:

  • How we built a brand, website and digital strategy for an innovative patient behavior change platform

  • Our B2B2C brand strategy and digital strategy for a revolutionary new meal replacement product

  • How we helped an established group of senior living communities stand out with a new website and remarkable content

  • The future of medical device marketing


Pull Q1: Growth Catalysts

In the first issue of Pull, Relequint’s journal for driving B2B growth, we're sharing the results of our healthcare, manufacturing and tech clients’ innovative digital marketing campaigns, and including a look at how we analyze important metrics to further drive traffic, conversions and sales.

The inaugural issue, Growth Catalysts, features:

  • Our new offices in New York City and Cincinnati, our new hires and our new mantra

  • Insights from B2B customer journeys in healthcare

  • Leveraging past KPIs for future success in B2B manufacturing

  • Building B2B tech brands and pipelines