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6 Simple Tips for B2B Information Technology Marketers

Learn How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market

Standing out in the oversaturated information technology (IT) market is a complicated task — especially when you’re part of the B2B community. The simplest trick is to focus on what your company does better than anyone else and sing to the rafters about those core competencies.

Not sure how to accomplish that? Download our tip sheet to learn more. 


6 Simple Tips for Effective B2B SaaS Marketing

Generate Subscriptions & Establish Industry Authority

Generating new subscriptions to your SaaS platform is boosted by marketing your software through the words and actions of others. Happy current clients and expert opinions supplement your own content to position you as a trusted provider.

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Brand Mantra Workshop

Discover the Essence, Character & Identity of Your B2B Brand

In addition to inbound marketing retainers, Relequint solves B2B companies' mission-critical brand challenges. From thoughtful and unique brand strategy to skillful and effective design execution, Relequint ensures B2B companies are realizing the brand’s full potential and identifies opportunities to extend the brand's reach into new markets and segments.

One way we accomplish this is by holding a Brand Mantra Workshop. Download our sheet to learn more, including: 

  • Brand Mantra Workshop format 

  • Goals of the Brand Mantra Workshop 

  • Who should attend the Workshop 


10 Simple Tips for Green Manufacturing Marketing

Promote Your Green Projects With These Tips

You've invested in green initiatives, but your buyer may not be aware that you're committed to lessening your environmental impact. We lay out 10 tips that will help you engage target buyers who are seeking environmentally conscious options for their manufacturing needs, and position you as a leader in green manufacturing.