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Our webinars cover important inbound marketing strategies, insights, and B2B trends.

Webinar Series Episodes


Level Up Your Marketing Maturity for 2023

Increasing marketing maturity is a strategic approach for increasing qualified leads, improving conversions, and increasing sales. To stay competitive, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the needs and behaviors of your target audience. 

In this webinar, you’ll gain more insight into: 

  • The rapidly evolving buying behaviors in B2B markets

  • Different tools and techniques that can increase marketing maturity and improve business results

  • How a strategic understanding of customer data can turn content into powerful drivers for higher ROI – all while creating a more meaningful connection with customers during the buying journey


Benchmarking and Improving Your Marketing Maturity

Achieving long-term marketing maturity requires strengthening internal relationships to develop a deep understanding of customer needs. It also requires a commitment to continuous learning and adapting in order to keep up with the latest changes in the marketplace. 

In this webinar, you’ll also learn: 

  • How to avoid the common pitfalls that makes generating revenue harder than it needs to be

  • The exact strategy that helped Kinettix accelerate market share and scale their business to new heights


Overcoming Silos With an InboundOut Mindset

As B2B companies mature, silos form between marketing and sales, ultimately stunting performance and growth. Watch Sam Balzan, CEO of Purple Sales, and Relequint CEO Ran Mullins as they discuss the importance of breaking down these barriers and achieving a fully integrated sales and marketing team. 

In this webinar, you’ll also learn: 

  • Why aligning marketing and sales is critical to improving marketing maturity

  • How to align marketing and sales departments despite silos

  • Understand the benefit of fully aligning inbound marketing and outbound sales

  • How to leverage platforms like HubSpot to create a consistent (and measurable) customer experience


KPIs for Global IT: How to Measure B2B Marketing Success

Let's face it: marketing without measuring your results is a waste of time. You need insight into how your campaigns are performing so you can double down on what's working, ditch what's not, and improve what could perform better. 

However, the sheer number of available metrics can be overwhelming while ROI feels amorphous. How do you know your B2B marketing strategy is working? And what does "success" even look like? 

In this one-hour webinar, Relequint CEO, Ran Mullins, sits down with CEO and Founder of Kinettix, Chad Mattix, to discuss real-world examples of B2B marketing success. 

Watch now to learn: 

  • How to overcome the hurdles often associated with measuring B2B marketing success. 

  • Which KPIs your B2B technology company should be tracking. 

  • How to leverage martech platforms like HubSpot to gain deep insights into B2B marketing performance. 

  • Which B2B marketing strategies increase sales qualified leads and drive the most ROI.