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The B2B Balanced KPI Scorecard

Undefined metrics and unorganized data can be the downfall of any B2B marketing strategy. 

According to a Google study done in partnership with MIT, 89% of the top marketers currently use key metrics, like total revenue, market share, or CLV, to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. 

So, should your company be doing the same? Or are there other KPIs you should track? 

Download “The B2B Balanced KPI Scorecard,” to learn how to: 

  • Attain the data to support informed decision making

  • Discover which channels provide the highest ROI

  • Increase traffic

  • Maximize lead conversions


Content in Context: Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Inbound marketing works so well that it’s created a problem: content overload. As more and more companies get into the content marketing game, there’s a staggering number of web pages, blog posts, photo galleries, videos, slide decks and more available online. It’s no longer enough to simply put your content out — now, you need to add context marketing to the mix.    

Download Content in Context to learn about:

  • How to strengthen your B2B funnel with context

  • Your B2B context marketing checklist

  • How to use paid campaigns to amplify context

  • Examples of contextual marketing in action

  • How to put context to work for you


Inbound Brand: Attractive Marketing

As a B2B marketer, you may not always think of your company as a brand, but your company’s brand — be it manufacturing, healthcare, tech or otherwise — matters as much to your customers and prospects in their day-to-day business as Tide, Apple or BMW do in their personal lives.

In our Executive Whitepaper, The Inbound Brand: Attractive Marketing, we show you how to use inbound marketing to remain relevant in your prospects’ minds while also staying relevant to Google's search algorithms.

Download The Inbound Brand and learn about the key principles of a potent inbound marketing campaign, including:

  • Using inbound marketing to pull in sales-qualified leads and giving them a reason to stay with your brand

  • Making your brand clear, present and authentic without overselling

  • Fulfilling a need and tying the fulfillment of it to your brand

  • Creating an enduring relationship between your brand and your customers


Midsize Enterprise Marketing Guide

For B2B companies that earn between $50 million and $500 million in revenue, the B2B customer's buying process has evolved. And like many midsize enterprise marketers, you may not be getting the most out of your marketing campaigns in the wake of these changes. 

If you're looking for ways to improve your strategy and KPIs, download our e-guide created especially for B2B manufacturing, healthcare and technology companies.

In it, you'll learn strategies for:

  • Producing informative content and other practical elements of a modern B2B marketing strategy

  • Connecting and creating an open dialogue with your ideal buyers

  • Aligning marketing and sales departments for consistency across the buyer’s journey

  • Developing marketing action items for your own midsize enterprise


Marketing Automation: Your Guide to Working With Relequint 

At Relequint, we are extremely focused on achieving your business growth objectives. We want our partnership to be mutually respectful, beneficial, and drive incredible ROI on your side. We follow a unique process known as the Growth Catalyst Framework to help you achieve repeatable and scalable processes that deliver large opportunities into your sales funnel.


30 Adwords Mistakes That Could Blow Your Budget 

We’re all looking to get the most out of our marketing budgets. When it comes to Google AdWords, there’s no difference.

Optimizing AdWords ads can be challenging and time-consuming, especially for big accounts with multiple campaign types. And poorly set up and managed campaigns can cost much more than expected and quickly push you out of business.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the 30 most common AdWords mistakes that we B2B companies make on a daily basis and how to fix them, including:

• Using too many keywords and not using negative keywords
• Giving visitors a poor landing page experience
• Not using ad extensions
• Improper conversion tracking
• Using a “set it and forget it” approach
• Not testing your ads