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Our latest program combines the expertise of Relequint and Purple Sales to help B2B companies leverage growth-driven inbound and outbound marketing.

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IMG_0285As a B2B marketer, you already know how inbound and outbound marketing work individually.

Outbound marketing, also known as direct, push, or interruption marketing, involves directly initiating conversations with prospects. Marketers send messages to target buyers via email, phone, or social media to introduce them to a brand, product, or service. 

On its own, outbound can be a great way to generate quality contacts and leads fast.  

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, involves pulling — rather than pushing — prospects toward a brand, product, or service. Marketers engage and build long-term relationships with their target audience, delighting them with a great experience and valuable content and support before and after a purchase.

Inbound is ideal for generating quality web traffic, converting visitors into leads, and nurturing leads into customers. 

While powerhouses in their own right, B2B companies can accelerate growth by combining inbound and outbound marketing. At Relequint, we call this mindset ‘InboundOut.’

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What Is InboundOut? 

InboundOut is a brand-new program that leverages Relequint’s own inbound expertise and our partnership with Toronto-based outbound sales professionals Purple Sales.  

Relequint uses the Growth Catalyst Framework™, an inbound methodology that generates sales-qualified leads through high-value content and marketing automation. This repeatable, scalable process has helped B2B companies help dozens of B2B companies achieve 20-30x return on investment (ROI). 

Purple Sales expands our inbound approach through outbound tactics. Their hybrid sales and marketing team uses proven sales techniques and automation tools to reach out to more qualified prospects and generate qualified meetings for their clients. 

Together, our inbound and outbound marketing frameworks are the one-two punch that B2B companies need to accelerate growth and meet their organizational goals.   

How Is InboundOut Different?

Many companies rely on one inbound agency and a different outbound agency. They rarely work together closely. This means messaging and tactics may differ, creating a lack of continuity for the prospect. The inbound agency is busy making content, creating landing pages, and publishing offers, but the outbound agency is likely not using any of these assets. If this is the state of your company, you are likely experiencing reduced ROI and might not even realize it.

To solve this problem, you need a champion to get inbound and outbound marketing on the same page internally and externally. By working together, you can plan a more comprehensive buyer’s journey and achieve full funnel optimization

Sometimes it takes a little nudge to get these teams on the same page. That’s one reason that InboundOut is so helpful. You are bringing in experts to help you solve these crucial problems, which speeds up the process tremendously. 

From that initial call, email, or organic visit to customer acquisition and servicing the account through customer expansion, InboundOut is about understanding and coordinating all the stages in the customer journey process and maintaining consistency.


Benefits of Growth-Driven Inbound and Outbound Marketing

An InboundOut mindset helps B2B companies:

  • Reach a wider audience than either strategy can produce individually 
  • Gather more thorough data sets that inform more effective digital marketing campaigns
  • Create a more cohesive and contextual experience for prospects and leads throughout the sales funnel 
  • Gain an advantage over competitors who are only using one tactic or channel  
  • Achieve a bigger return on investment (ROI) in a shorter time frame 

Measuring Results for InboundOut Marketing and Sales

The InboundOut method provides a unified dashboard that tracks the entire customer journey.  InboundOut users can see all of their inbound and outbound marketing interactions – notes, phone calls, emails, social media messages, and more. The result is a more effective lead nurturing process that moves the contact through the customer journey to become a recurring client.

We like working with HubSpot because it has many of these components integrated into one platform. HubSpot has done a good job of integrating and transforming its sales funnel into a flywheel that assures a continuous loop of tracking automation across revenue operations.

We also work hard at simplifying very complex procedures into fewer clicks. This means that the end user can more easily get what they want from the platform — managing the end-to-end sales process from demand, lead, and revenue generation to customer onboarding, support, and revenue realization. 

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