Ran Mullins By Ran Mullins • September 21, 2023

Sales Enablement: The Key to Sales Performance in RevOps

Sales enablement empowers your team to operate with efficiency and confidence. It powers your sales performance by ensuring team members are prepared to be the experts that customers expect to engage with. 

Consider the comparison of a gourmet restaurant vs. fast food. Both will have happy patrons, but a gourmet restaurant will have the expert staff and support to sell a luxury experience successfully. With a head chef, sous chef, line cooks, prep cooks, wait staff, and other key specialists, the restaurant can provide a white-glove experience that warrants a premium price tag. 

One of the chief advantages of emphasizing sales enablement is the increased confidence of sales reps and how that confidence transfers to customers. It’s a lot easier to operate with confidence when you know you have your organization's support. Within a RevOps (Revenue Operations) system, companies combine the resources and goals of marketing, sales, and customer service to optimize sales performance fully. Let’s look deeper at sales enablement and the best ways to implement it within your organization.

What is Sales Enablement

Sales enablement regularly trains and equips your sales team with educational and informative resources. This is a must for entry-level sales pros, but sales experts at every stage deserve valuable insights into industry trends, brand specifics, and buyer behavior. 

Typically, sales enablement is shared by sales and marketing, making it a seamless aspect of RevOps, which combines the goals and expertise of sales, marketing, and customer success teams. While sales success defines the entire organization's success, RevOps companies want to leverage the best of all three revenue-generating teams to support sales reps. 

Core components of a sales enablement program:

Each company and revenue team will have unique goals, needs, and areas of improvement. That said, there are a few key elements that scaffold an impactful sales enablement program, which include:

  • Ongoing educational framework
  • Program leader or leadership team
  • Training tools
  • Crowdsourced resources and insights
  • Regular assessment and adjustment

Types of sales enablement training:

Know your team and each individual’s development goals and aspirations. That will help your leadership form the most advantageous sales enablement program. Here are some areas of focus to consider:

  • Sales leadership
  • Sales process structuring
  • Sales methodology
  • Consultative selling
  • Relationship selling
  • RevOps
  • Account-based sales

Benefits of sales enablement:

Investing in sales training does far more than boost individual sales performance. How you approach sales enablement can define your company’s RevOps efficiency and overall growth strategy. Maintaining a solid development pipeline allows you to take creative risks and transition your sales strategies as you see fit. Here are some standard benefits companies look to achieve with their sales enablement programs:

  • Shortened ramp time
  • Increased win rate
  • Larger deal size
  • Reduced sales cycle
  • Improved employee retention

Now that we understand what sales enablement is and how it can help support your organization’s revenue goals let’s see how you can integrate it within your RevOps system.

Integrating Sales Enablement in RevOps

In a RevOps business model, sales will closely connect to the resources and aptitudes of the marketing and customer experience departments. This naturally lends itself to steady and structured sales development and contributes to the organization’s sales enablement efforts. 

Another core benefit of sales in RevOps is that within the support of a RevOps model, sales departments tend to adopt more ambitious designs and strategies. RevOps models increase a company’s efficiency, transparency, and communication. 

A greater emphasis on training will ensure your sales team has the skills and talents to accelerate your sales maturity and take the role of tone-setter within your industry. 

Sales Tools that Support Sales Enablement

Achieving greater sales performance and RevOps efficiency requires an investment in tools to support your growing ambitions. To future-proof your sales training, emphasize tools that scale, provide real-time analytics, and offer omni-channel communication. Here is a list of tools to consider as you develop your sales enablement framework:

  • CRM systems
  • Communication Platforms
  • Call coaching tool
  • Learning management tool
  • Analytics tools
  • Resource Library

Best Practices for Implementing Sales Enablement in RevOps

Anytime you implement a new initiative in your organization, it’s best to take stock of where you are currently and audit what needs to be changed to accommodate the best-case scenario for your new plans. Sales enablement is an ever-evolving process. As you adjust each training to accommodate your team's needs, track the efficacy of your program by setting up the right metrics and KPIs. Always follow up and make real-time adjustments to optimize your sales development.

You can always consult with an expert to implement a fully optimized sales enablement program. Relequint’s team is adept at assessing revenue gaps and establishing dynamic sales training structures. Schedule a consultation to start the transformation of your organization’s RevOps and sales enablement.


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