Ran Mullins By Ran Mullins • October 12, 2023

Maximizing the Value of Sales Ops in the HubSpot Sales Hub

With over 135,000 clients, HubSpot is one of the most trusted sales tools. As a robust omnichannel platform with over 1,500 app integrations, it supports sales success and overall revenue growth. This makes it an ideal solution for B2B organizations looking to unify the efforts of sales, marketing, and customer success efforts by transitioning to a Revenue Operations (RevOps) model. This model has been shown to amplify sales maturity and stabilize revenue. 

Consider the tools needed to support current projects and future growth when designing your ideal B2B Sales Ops structure. That’s where the HubSpot Sales Hub has all the necessary solutions to elevate your Sales Ops and overall success as an organization. Let’s first cover how HubSpot helps you better manage your customers.

How CRM Utilization Supports B2B Sales Ops

As you dream up your perfect sales team, you must ensure they have the right system to support an ambitious workload. In modern sales, a Customer Relationship Management tool is a must. Prioritizing leads, managing long sales cycles, and effective prospecting are all possible through effective CRM utilization. HubSpot is the most popular and robust CRM that can scale with any enterprise-level initiatives you may have. 

Tips to maximize CRM success:

  • Work towards complete data accuracy and coverage for key metrics
  • Customize your CRM around your specific process
  • Integrate your existing tools to reduce information and productivity gaps

Investing in Sales Ops means heightened expectations. With the right investments in tools that can improve your productivity through automation, your sales leadership can meet and exceed lofty expectations.

Sales Automation with HubSpot

Whether you’re onboarding a new sales expert, a new client, or a new prospect, automation can help make repetitive tasks like this instantaneous and accurate. Based on your sales process, find the common and most automatable tasks to help free up productivity across your sales team. HubSpot has the versatility to enable users to customize their processes, including key automations. 

Automation doesn’t need to limit the critical human element for nurturing leads and closing large deals. Automated email sequences can be customized to keep leads engaged while coming off as highly personalized. 

Techniques for Improving B2B Sales Efficiency Using HubSpot

Sales representatives constantly have a full slate of tasks and leads to follow up with. You never know which email or phone call could make the difference in closing a major deal. Working efficiently allows sales experts to free up some time to work strategically without burning out. 

Both proper CRM utilization and sales automation will help keep sales pros organized and reduce time spent on repetitive tasks. The HubSpot Sales Hub is the perfect ecosystem to foster efficient sales execution. Here are three key techniques to leverage to improve sales efficiency with HubSpot:

  1. Lead scoring - HubSpot makes lead prioritization instantaneous so sales can emphasize high-value prospects when it matters most.
  2. Real-time analytics & integrated reporting - Analytics equip sales reps with the necessary insights to act quickly and confidently. Keeping your team informed of real-time events and insights is critical to maintain efficient operations.
  3. Collaboration tools - Using a number of integrated apps as well as proprietary document sharing and communication tools, HubSpot allows teams to stay connected at every point of a sales cycle.

Advancing Sales Maturity with RevOps

Leveraging everything a revenue operations structure can offer allows companies to achieve complete sales maturity. At the center of RevOps is the unification of teams that impact revenue (marketing, sales, customer success). Through this structure, your sales team will have expanded aspirations and increased support to make it happen. 

Bringing together multiple teams under a single division requires structure, strategy, and tools. HubSpot has all the functionality that RevOps teams need to execute their versatile endeavors:

  • Cloud-based systems
  • Asynchronous communication
  • Omnichannel suite
  • Real-time and customizable data sets

Advancing your sales maturity through RevOps requires the proper organizational structure to maintain consistent and effective communication across many projects. Under the right team design and leadership, organizations can:

  • Properly maintain necessary tasks
  • Thoroughly review and modify processes AND 
  • Enact effective training programs (sales enablement

Once a RevOps team has been adequately audited and organized, it’s incredibly self-maintaining. This affords leadership the confidence to hand-pick top Sales Ops talent and aggressively compete for market share. 

Making the Most of Sales Ops

The sales operations you develop will support your organization’s sales maturity and overall revenue success. Through CRM utilization and sales automation, you can generate a more rewarding sales efficiency that will stabilize your revenue growth and expand your company’s market potential. These changes to your Sales Ops structure can be challenging and time-consuming unless you leverage support from a trusted and experienced third party.

Relequint has a mastery of B2B Sales Ops and the tools and tactics corporations can utilize to optimize their organization around complete sales maturation perfectly. Schedule a consultation to discuss your team’s revenue needs.


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