Ran Mullins By Ran Mullins • October 5, 2023

Sales Maturity in B2B Sales: The Role of RevOps

Effective sales requires careful attention to detail, especially in B2B sales. Business deals often come with a higher price tag and more red tape than a typical consumer purchase. The job of a B2B decision maker is to thoughtfully scrutinize sales techniques to ensure each investment they sign off on has a positive return. More developed (mature) sales teams will have the expertise and structure to accommodate dynamic sales scenarios. Investing in sales maturity is the best way to foster stable B2B revenue growth. 

Let’s explore sales maturity and how the modern B2B sales strategy - RevOps - can significantly accelerate the maturity of your sales.

What is Sales Maturity in B2B Sales?

Sales maturity describes your organization’s relationship to sales strategy and execution. A more mature sales team will be able to successfully implement your ideal sales techniques and sustain healthy B2B revenue growth. Assessment is broken down into three categories - 1) Strategy, 2) Structure, and 3) Technology - which all contribute to elevating an organization’s sales maturity.

Sales maturity is represented in 4 stages: 

  1. Reactive - This reflects a more traditional approach to sales. Companies in this stage are focused on preserving their current industry standing and customer needs.
  2. Proactive - Companies at this stage of B2B sales are forward-thinking and focused on new ways to innovate.
  3. Integrated - By the third stage of sales maturity, a company’s sales performance and overall operational structure are tightly interwoven. Sales Ops efficiency is a major focus as communication and collaboration are fine-tuned. 
  4. Catalyzed - In the final stage of sales maturity, companies assume the role of innovator, aggressor, and industry leader. The organization’s revenue operations (RevOps) fully support all sales initiatives, including in-depth training that ensures sustained B2B revenue growth.

Challenges in Achieving Sales Maturity

Upgrading your company’s approach to sales requires proper strategic planning and team building. Sales success isn’t always a clear, linear path. When integrating effective B2B sales techniques, you’ll want to raise your overall floor of support. Revenue Operations has shown to be the quickest way to incorporate new sales initiatives while co-supporting overall company growth. RevOps works when revenue and sales are interlinked with company objectives. Without the support of consistent funding, operational growth can’t occur. This search for quick wins and security tends to hinder sales maturity:

  • Fluctuating sales cycles
  • Lack of expertise
  • Inconsistent sales techniques

It’s one thing to know that you have room to grow, but without the proper structure, it’s hard to envision the right path forward. Under a RevOps framework, companies leverage the best of sales, marketing, and customer success to elevate the performance of every team that impacts revenue growth.

The Role of RevOps in Sales Maturity

In B2B sales, you can’t just establish your brand, mission, and initiatives and expect to achieve significant success amongst a sea of aggressive and prolific competition. Instead, management must position your company to read and respond to market moves as you see fit. By combining sales, marketing, and customer success under one department (Revenue), RevOps presents an agile, scalable model for B2B revenue growth. 

Leveraging insights from marketing and CX, sales can foster more excellent deals by working with warmer leads and utilizing more advanced sales techniques. RevOps materializes.

Another significant advantage of RevOps is the increased emphasis on collaboration, efficiency, and communication. Operating a RevOps team without the right tech stack to support omnichannel communications and real-time data analysis is nearly impossible. SalesOps and overall operations should share information, goals, and wins with impressive efficiency within this structure. 

Transition to RevOps for Your Sales Maturity

No matter where your organization is in its journey to full sales maturity, Revenue Operations is a precise fit to scaffold prolific sales performance. Suppose you need help designing the ideal tech stack, forming the right leadership team, or establishing an effective sales training program. In that case, you can always leverage the expertise of a proven RevOps leader in Relequint. 

Relequint has the team and experience to understand your needs and fill in the gaps needed to revolutionize your B2B sales success. Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your unique revenue goals today!


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